Break Free.

Rewrite your health & life story.

Unlock limitless potentials with a trusted coach by your side using the 6 lifestyle superpowers!

Break free from unhealthy habits, frustration, confusion, feeling depressed, anxious, not finding your life's purpose, or chronic health issues. Ask Dr. HealthiWealthi™ AI which superpowers to use and how to rewrite your health and life story - one micro-habit at a time.

Dr. HealthiWealthi™ AI is a conversational AI-powered Lifestyle Medicine Assistant supported with 💖 and care by Certified HealthiWealthi™ Coaches through Chat and Group Coaching.

Unlimited Dr. HealthiWealthi™ Access

Upgrade to Dr. HealthiWealthi™ UNLIMITED AI Access which includes unlimited Dr. HealthiWealthi™ AI, chat and group coaching support for only $20/month

Dr. HealthiWealthi™ AI

Ask Dr. HealthiWealthi™ AI for guidance, which lifestyle superpowers work for you, and start practicing your first personalized micro-habit Lifestyle Prescription®.

Don't focus on information or goals.

Instead practice healthy micro-habits.

Chat Coach Support

Feel instantly safe and supported when starting a conversation with your Dr. HealthiWealthi™ Coach via chat. It's convinient, private, quick, and very effective.

Chat with your coach for motivation & strength to stick to your micro-habits.

Group Coach Coaching

Join weekly online group coaching meetings connecting with fellow travelers from around the world. Experience the 6 lifestyle superpowers guaranteed to inspire and transform you.

You are not alone breaking free from old habits and rewriting your story.

Dr. HealthiWealthi™'s Secret Weapon

The secret of improving our health and life is to break free of unhealthy and limiting habits and 'install and practice' new healthy and empowering habits. It's like updating our software or apps on our smartphone.

Change is hard, but with Dr. HealthiWealthi™ rewriting our health and life story is a lot easier.

Here's how you can tap into the power of micro-habit Lifestyle Prescriptions®:

  • Share your challenge with Dr. HealthiWealthi™ AI.
  • Agree on a micro-habit you know is good for you.
  • Dr. HealthiWealthi™ creates a personalized Lifestyle Prescription®* reminder image for you.
  • Break free by practicing your new micro-habit consistently for 7+ days.
  • You'll be surprised noticing significant progress.

* Lifestyle Prescriptions® are exclusively used for lifestyle habit improvements.

What will your first personalized Lifestyle Prescription® be?

Who benefits from Dr. HealthiWealthi™ Coaching?

Anyone with chronic health and life challenges with a need for guidance, support, and accountability.

  • Let go of emotional-mental stress
  • Stop mind chatter, be more focused
  • Improve mindset, find your life purpose
  • Build better relationships, love more.
  • Earn more and succeed
  • Prevent disease and live longer
  • Reduce and resolve chronic symptoms
  • ...............
  • How can Dr. HealthiWealthi™ AI help you?

HealthiWealthi™ Research Benefits

The 2023 Dr. M. Yamani Florida Lifestyle Medicine HealthiWealthi™ Study show substantial results.*


Effective and Preventive Chronic Disease Solution using Evidence-Based Lifestyle Medicine


Mindset & Mental-Emotional Health Improvements (PHQ9)


Reduction in Specialist and Emergency Care Visits


In Short and Long-Term Healthcare Cost Savings

"Invest in what's important. YOU.

The Dr. HealthiWealthi™ AI powered platform is helping youth and adults to break free from limitations and rewrite their story by improving one micro-habit at a time. Dr. HealthiWealthi™ has been designed by the Lifestyle Prescriptions® University research team and is supported by our world-renowned advisory board consisting of clinicians, researchers, best-selling authors, and dedicated healthcare professionals.

Johannes R. Fisslinger, MA

Founder Lifestyle Prescriptions® University

M. Yamani MD

HWC Chief Medical Officer, Owner Allcare Medical, Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Provider

Jane Oelke ND

Naturopath, Ph.D. LPHCS, Fibromyalgia Expert

Reham Garesh, MD

Founder Holistic Wellness Academy Saudi Arabia, MSc, DipIBLM, FAAMFM

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